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I’m a convert to Catholicism—it’s been 26 years now. The exact date of my confirmation was July 16, 1996, on the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  I can’t stop reading about all matters related to faith, or about lots of other things as well; family, culture, travel, psychology, not to mention the weird and sometimes alarming things that are happening in our world. I like it when people disagree with me—a good thing, because my family does a lot of that. It’s fun to try to figure out where we’re going, and why.

I’m a mom–some kids in the house, others flying the nest. Some seem to have gone in a blink, others are taking their sweet time, Sweet Jesus.  My oldest is married with two little ones. That’s the best gift I can think of. When my mom saw my first born, a fresh new biscuit newly sprung from the oven, her first words were, “It’s a miracle.” It was, and still is.